No more sleepless nights

Liberate yourself from nightly snoring and become more productive during the day. Snoring may disturb sleep for you as well as for the people around you, causing daytime sleepiness, reduced mental alertness and lead to fatigue. Our Quiet Night Anti-Snoring Device is designed to eliminate snoring fast and simple.

  • No more sleepless nights
  • Wake up refreshed and revitalized
  • Increase energy levels with proper sleep
  • Enjoy the benefits of quality sleep

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Why two mouthpieces?

Some customers need just a small advancement, while some need a little more. Both mouthpieces give you the opportunity to determine the most effective treatment to get the restful sleep you need and deserve.

What is the difference?

Comfort 1 advances the lower jaw only slightly, just +2 mm. First time users should start with comfort 1 to adjust to wearing a mouthpiece.
Comfort 2 provides a greater amount of adjustment, up to +6 mm. People who snore extremely loud need the maximum amount of jaw advancement.


Product description

  • There is no room for snoring in your bedroom with Quiet Night Anti Snoring Mouthpiece. Wake up refreshed and revitalized with the best anti-snoring solution.
  • 2-size comfort system starter kit includes: 2 unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Try both to find your fit for best results and comfort.
  • Safe and effective: designed by professionals. Made from high grade material that is and latex-free and specially designed and tested for actual results.
  • Easy to use: requires no preparation, no special fitting and no molding process. You simply take it out of the package, put it in your mouth, and go to bed.

Price: 19.99 €

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